Enabling pleasurable

Pediatrics experiences for children

Virtual Reality is powerful non-pharmacological analgesia for acute pain 

Hoffman, H. G... The analgesic effects of opioids and immersive virtual reality distraction: evidence from subjective and functional brain imaging assessments. Anesthesia and Analgesia 105 (2007), 


of the preschoolers have fear of going to the doctor,  the biggest source of fear is needle phobia.

October 15, 2018 Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

Data-Driven Technology

10X Immersive helps children/patients have a less painful, anxiety-free medical procedure using a personalized immersive Virtual Reality (VR) system.
Our evidence-based technology uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to automatically adapt VR scenarios through psychological intervention.

Using patient's biofeedback* data, the system generates stimuli to adapt content for children's real-time emotional state
enabling fast immersion and relaxation.

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No wires and extra tools, All on Head (AoH) data acquisition module

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Fully controllable system by a doctor through the tablet

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Unique UVC sterilization and charging technique

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Special content developed by psychologists with minimized side effects

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A personalized experience, ML-based adaptive 4K VR content


Every Child is Different

With our system, kids are part of a VR-based fantasy world, where scenarios' content is changing in real-time using biofeedback, child preferences data. Unique ML algorithm enables fast personalized relaxing techniques, for every patient.


Science-Oriented Product

We have a scientific explanation for every element.

We create the most immersive Patient-Centric VR system for healthcare
No pain, No Fear, No Trauma anymore

Our Partners

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Institute Of Child And Adolescent Health
National Burn Center 
 Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center
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  • Pediatric care, Vaccination, Immunization,

  • Anesthetics induction, Blood transfusion,

  • Blood tests, Finger pricks (Diabetics).

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  • Personalized Relaxing technology automatically adapts VR scenarios, enabling fast immersion for every patient,

  • Developed with healthcare professionals and scientists, proofed via extensive experiments.

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  • Patient/kids positive experience with Medical Clinics', hospitals', Labs.

  • Patient satisfaction and retention rates,

  • Medical institutions' competitive advantage,

  • ​Faster the recovery time. 


  • Patients' Stress and Anxiety,

  • Facilitates pediatricians\doctors to have less stressful and time-saving invasive medical procedures,

  • Use of pharmacological analgesics,

  • Professional uncertainty, injuries.

Let's Create the Next Generation Pain Management System

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