Virtual Reality is powerful non-pharmacological analgesia for acute pain  🚀 

We empower doctors

with innovative immersive solutions to help our children to experience less Pain, Stress, and Anxiety during in hospital medical procedures.

Needle phobia

The largest categories of children’s hospital fears (57%) are associated with pain. 89% of Children reported that Needle-related medical procedures were the most painful and scary.

Children, due to their cognitive development level, use behavior to express emotions instead of words: screaming, body twisting, muscular rigidity, aggression, withdrawal, and lack of cooperation.

It can cause deep depression, anxiety disorder with negative psychopathology (bed-wetting, loss of appetite, toxic stress).


Preoperative anxiety

The incidence of Preoperative anxiety is reported to be 60-65% in children. The risk factors are; excessive parental anxiety, high operative pain, unfamiliar hospital environment, and uncertainty about the outcome of the intervention.

These stressful situations lead to an increase in heart rate, sweating, and sympathetic response. The cons are longer induction time, delayed recovery, more postoperative pain, longer hospital stay.

We develop virtual reality

VR based deeptech solution that helps children to relief their pain and stress up to 35% during pediatric procedures.

Revolutionizing patients positive experience, we enable high satisfaction and retention rate of your patients.

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Special content developed by psychologists with minimized side effects
Unique UVC sterilization and charging technique
Fully controllable system by a doctor through the tablet



  • Patient/kids positive experience

  • Patient satisfaction and retention rates

  • Medical institutions' competitive advantage

  • Faster the recovery time

  • Patients' Stress and Anxiety

  • Facilitates pediatricians\doctors to have less stressful and time-saving medical procedures

  • Use of pharmacological analgesics

  • Professional uncertainty, injuries

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