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10X Immersive Team photo with all members

What We Do:

At 10X Immersive, we develop evidence-based solutions to assist children in relieving pain, stress, and anxiety by up to 35% during pediatric procedures like surgery, dental phobia, and venipuncture. Furthermore, our solutions help clinics to increase patient satisfaction and retention rates. As an organization, we continuously test and refine our product and collaborate with top psychologists and pediatric centers worldwide.

Our Story:

Our product came from the personal experience of one of the Co-founders, Davit Zargaryan, when he took his five-year-old child, Gagik, to the hospital for immunization. The stressful environment caused little Gagik to cry, scream, and display uncommon aggressive behaviors.

The nurse and the family spent over an hour comforting little Gagik, and unfortunately, after a couple of failed attempts, the injection was done by force. Later, the psychologist associated little Gagik's behavior with "White Coat" phobia and connected it with his previous experience when he had surgery as a toddler. According to the psychologist, little Gagik developed a traumatic experience that converted to phobia. From this unpleasant and stressful experience, Keppy was created so that children, parents, and nurses will experience less Pain, Stress, and Anxiety during their medical procedures.

Our Partners

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Would you like to learn more? Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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