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We are a deep-tech company in virtual reality. We develop evidence-based solutions, that help children to relieve their pain and stress up to 65% during pediatric procedures like surgery, dental phobia, and venipuncture meantime our solution helps clinics to increase patient satisfaction and retention rate.

We are continuously testing our product collaborating with top psychologists and pediatric centers from all over the world.

To Enable pleasurable medical experiences for every patient. A world with less pain and stress.

Empower doctors with innovative immersive solutions to help patients to relieve Pain, Stress, and Anxiety during medical procedures.

Story behind

The product come from the personal experience of one of the Co-founders Davit Zargaryan when he took his child 5 years Gagik to the hospital for immunization. They spent there an hour, and Gagik exhibited aggressive behavior, he was crying and screaming whole the time, it was a terrible and stressful day for both of them.

The personnel spent an additional 10-15min time comforting/coercing Gagik, after a couple of failures the injection was done by force.  The psychologist associated the current behavior with called „White Coat“ phobia, and connected Gagik‘s behavior with previous experience when he had surgery at 3 years because of an Inguinal hernia. During that time he had psychological traumas that is converted to phobia. So the challenge was, can we develop and deliver a solution not to stress parents, nurses, and most importantly the children?


Working together is a success.
If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.

Henry Ford

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We strongly belive the future of Psychology + AI + VR