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$1990  $2490


A fully refundable amount is used to reserve your place in the early adopter's list. 

The product is available to ship in Q4 2023.


The most compact, visually powerful, all-in-one solution in the industry. Applicable for 4 years + kids and adults.

System Includes:

Virtual Reality Headset
The VR Headset is the lightest in the industry, weighing 7 oz or 200 grams. The VR Headset has crystal clear 4k graphics while streaming content. The head mount device makes it easy to adjust for patient preference. The slick design makes it comfortable for the patient and the doctor to operate.

Mobile Phone
The mobile phone has a quick touch response while offering a built-in application specifically designed to allow doctors to control content mid-procedure. It also provides voice command control.

Wireless Charger
The Wireless Charging station is 15W with a built-in smart cooling system, and it is easy to attach (and remove) to the dental chair and light arm.

UVC Sterilization Box
The UVC Sterilization Box effectively sanitizes the Keppy products, killing up to 97 percent of germs in 5 minutes.

You can also get:

Our VR system is designed to be safely used for pediatric patients

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