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The system includes:


Display device with application


Wireless charging unit for mobile phone

sterilization box_ levitation 1.png

Sterilization box

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Special virtual Reality HMD

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We are highly motivated

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Highly Flexible & User Friendly

Special app

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Group 12.png

Super Lightweight 200gr with 4K Visuals

VR Headset

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Built in smart cooling system

15W Wireless charger stand

10X Immersive is a Virtual Reality product development company for Dentistry, and part of the biggest European Health Innovation program EIT Health,. We did our field trials with more than 200 children and got the amazing result: 4 from 5 patients who tried our product want to have the next procedure with it.


Our product helps dental clinics with three main goals:

  • Relief pain and stress of their patient, Increase customer satisfaction rate

  • Become more innovative, improve customer retention and loyalty

  • Attract more clients, get more profit