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Did You Know Dental Stress Can Significantly Impact Your Wallet?

The cost of poor oral health in America is staggering. A study by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities revealed that health disparities, including those related to oral health, cost the United States an astounding $451 billion. This cost has surged by 41% since 2014. Additionally, the study highlighted that productivity losses due to oral disease in the U.S. reached around $45.9 billion in 2015, the highest in the world. These figures underscore the severe financial strain poor oral health places on the country, making it imperative to address these issues.

A lack of access to regular dental care significantly contributes to the economic consequences of poor oral health.

Every 15 seconds, someone visits an emergency room for a dental issue, costing the healthcare system $2.7 billion annually.

Furthermore, missed school hours and job productivity losses due to neglected and delayed dental care add billions to the yearly economic burden. Racial and ethnic health disparities exacerbate the situation, making dental care inaccessible for many. With nearly 67 million Americans lacking dental insurance, and only 36 states covering beyond emergent dental needs for adults on Medicaid, the problem is clear. Delaying dental care has profound impacts, leading to untreated issues, increased healthcare costs, and significant productivity losses. Improving access to affordable dental care is crucial to mitigate these financial and health consequences.


Avoiding Appointments:

Dental anxiety often leads to skipped appointments. Missing regular check-ups can result in untreated issues that escalate into costly emergencies.

Expensive Treatments: Neglected dental care can cause minor problems to become major ones, requiring more invasive and expensive treatments like root canals, crowns, or even surgeries.

Health Complications: Poor oral health is linked to serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and infections, leading to additional medical expenses.

Productivity Loss: Dental pain and stress can affect your focus and productivity at work, potentially impacting your earnings and career advancement.

Insurance Premiums: Chronic dental issues might lead to higher health and dental insurance premiums over time.

At 10X Immersive, we aim to alleviate dental stress & anxiety with Virtual reality-based distraction therapy, ensuring you maintain both your oral health and financial well-being.

Don’t let dental anxiety cost you more than it should. Invest in your peace of mind and health today!


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