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Virtual Reality for Dentistry

Revolutionizing Patients'
Dental Experience

through Virtual Reality

by turning appointments into memorable adventures

Increase customer retention   |   Get more clients   |   Aplify your marketing & sales


Increase Customer experiance

Happy patients generate up to a 30% increase in referrals, new clients, and profit

3D clock

Save 1.5h of practice time per day

Less time spent on behavior management and patients relaxation processes

3D tooth

Increase your visibility on social media, marketing tool

System installation on Dental chair

The most compact, visually powerful, smart solution in the industry

Painless Dentistry is now possible with our solution

Highly Flexible & User Friendly

Special app

Button form
Button form

Built in smart cooling system

15W Wireless charger stand

Button form

Super Lightweight 200gr with 4K Visuals

VR Headset

Our solution effectively distracts patients, while also reducing their stress and anxiety by up to 65%. Studies show that 4 out of 5 participants who had experienced Keppy VR prefer to continue having the same VR experience for every appointment thereafter.

  1. Versatility Across Age Groups: Our product isn't limited to children; it's adaptable for patients of all ages, expanding its potential market reach.

  2. Streamline Integration: Our user-friendly software and compact hardware seamlessly integrate into dental clinic workflows, making adoption hassle-free.

Frame 11.png

No head movement

Frame 18.png

App voice control

Frame 12.png

High quality content

Frame 13.png


Frame 16.png

Sound blocking

Applicable for: Endodontists, Oral surgeons, Orthodontists, Pedodontist, Prosthodontists
Download  the 
Keppy VR app from Google Play and the App Store

You pay for software, we deliver with hardware


Keppy Logotype-02 3.png
VR goggle.png

Order includes:

- Keppy VR App: 
50 sessions
- 1 Free VR goggles
- After the finish, need to purchase a new set 

*Advantage: Cost effective
*Compatible with
Silhouette or similar low-profile nasal nitrous masks



Keppy Logotype-02 3.png

Order includes:

- Keppy VR App: 
1-year unlimited sessions
- 1 Free 4k Virtual Reality Headset
- A
fter a year, the subscription is activated 

High immersion
ompatible with Silhouette or similar low-profile nasal nitrous mask, colored masks



Keppy Logotype-02 3.png

Order includes:

- Keppy VR App: 
1-year unlimited sessions
- 1 Free Smart Glasses
- A
fter a year, the subscription is activated 

*Advantage: Patient's eye contact

*Compatible with all nasal nitrous mask


Coming Soon

With Keppy VR You


  • Satisfaction and retention rates

  • Distraction

  • Positive experience

  • Referrals


  • Stress and anxiety

  • Facilitates dentists/doctors to have less stressful and time-saving procedures

  • Use of pharmacological analgesics

  • Work-related injuries

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