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$1290  $1990


A fully refundable amount is used to book your place inon the list. The product will be available to ship in Q1 2024.

System includes: 

VR headset, Mobile holder, and 6-month free subscription.

Applicable for 4 years + kids and adults.

Keppy VR is a Virtual Reality (VR) based technology that revolutionizes the way dental professionals approach patient care.
Get more patients, enable a smooth and stress-free experience, and get home in time 😃.

Keppy Pro system installation on Dental chair

The most compact, visually powerful, smart solution in the industry

Painless Dentistry is now possible with our solution

Button form gray transparent

Easy attached to light arm

Phone holder

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Highly Flexible & User Friendly

Keppy VR app

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Super Lightweight 200gr with 4K Visuals

VR Headset

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