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Brings immersive experiences to your practice in a simple and affordable way

Attention: The phone is not provided; users are required to download our application and use their phone.

Unlock a captivating narrative with Keppy Lite, showcasing the transformative power of Virtual Reality in reshaping your patients' dental journeys. Elevate customer satisfaction and retention rates with this cutting-edge solution.

Technical Highlights:

🔑 Key for 100 immersive sessions

⏱ Maximum procedure duration: 15 mins

🔍 Manual lens focusing for precision"

For more Quality and Functionality, it is advised to upgrade to the Keppy PRO system.
ATTENTION BEFORE EACH PROCEDURE VR Goggles should be sanitized with plastic and face-compatible liquid.

The patient should wear VR Disposable masks

You can also get:

After receiving the BOX
3 Steps Operation to Start

Frame 56 (1).png

Step 1

Scan the QR on the received Keppy Light Box to download  the Keppy Dental VR app from
Google Play and App Store.

Frame 91.png

Step 2

Run the application and click the link "Register account" on the Log In page.  Fill in the Registration Key delivered with the box to register a Keppy account.  You should receive a confirmation email about successful registration.

Step 3

Run the application, put the phone in the center of the VR goggles' designated pocket & enjoy the 360° experience.


Upgrade to 10X PRO system
Elevate more immersive Experience!

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