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Our VR system is designed to be safely used for pediatric patients


KeppyLite delivers a story about  how Virtual Reality can change your patient's dental experience,  and increase customer satisfaction and retention rate. 

Technical information:

  • The software supports 50 patient sessions

  • Maximum procedure duration is 15 mins

  •  Manual lens focusing 

For more Quality and Functionality you need to get the Keppy Advanced system.

ATTENTION BEFORE EACH PROCEDURE VR Goggles should be sanitized with plastic and face-compatible liquid.
The patient should wear VR Disposable masks. 


Why Do I Need Keppy


You can also get:

After receiving the BOX
3 Steps Operation to Start

Frame 56 (1).png

Step 1

Scan the QR on the recived Keppy Light Box to download  the Keppy Dental VR app from
Google Play and App Store.

Frame 91.png

Step 2

Run the application and click the link "Register KeppyLite ?" on the Log In page.  Fill in the Product ID number delivered with the box to register a Keppy account.  You should receive a confirmation email about successful registration.

Step 3

Run the application,  put the phone in the VR Google pocket to experience a 360 environment.


Try 10X ADVANCED system NOW
Elevate more immersive Experience!

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