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"Unlock a captivating narrative with Keppy Lite, showcasing the transformative power of Virtual Reality in reshaping your patients' dental journeys. Elevate customer satisfaction and retention rates with this cutting-edge solution.


Technical Highlights:


🔑 Key for 100 immersive sessions

⏱ Maximum procedure duration: 15 mins

🔍 Manual lens focusing for precision"


The delivered virtual reality goggles are used with your Mobile Phone ONLY. You get the limited functionality and quality, It will simply tell a story about how our product is going to solve a problem or improve a situation. 

The target is to:
- Get familiar with Virtual Reality technologies in dentistry
- See your patient's reaction
- Experiment with the software 

ATTENTION BEFORE EACH PROCEDURE VR Goggles should be sanitized with plastic and face-compatible liquid. The patient should wear VR Disposable masks. 

Keppy Lite

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